MedGuard Safe Model 3015
The MedGuard Safe provides compact, easy to access storage for prescription medications. Firmly mounted in a medicine cabinet or on the wall, the safe affords privacy, protection and accountability for patient, family or caregiver.
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Essential for Homes with Children

  • Mounts in Medicine Cabinet

  • Protects Toddlers, Tweens and Teens from Easy Access to Potentially Lethal Drugs

Indispensable for Assisted Living and LTC Facilities

  • Mounts on Wall of Patient's Room

  • Affords Convenience and Helps Ensure Drug Accountablity for Care Givers

  • Protects Drugs Against Theft

Features Include:

  • Storage space for vials, tubes and small bottles

  • Removable daily pill dispenser

  • Reusable moisture absorbing desiccant

  • Rugged metal construction

  • Large keypad with visual and audible feedback

  • Personally selectable 3 to 8 digit code

  • Timed lockout after 3 invalid attempts

  • Emergency key override

  • No mounting tools required

  • High strength VHB mounting tape & batteries included


  • Install 4 pieces of High-Bond mounting tape (supplied) as needed to the surface of the safe.

  • Position the safe in the desired location. Using rubbing alcohol (or soap and water) clean the rear wall of the medicine cabinet where the safe will be located. WAIT UNTIL DRY or use a clean cloth to dry. Remove the adhesive backing, position  the safe and then press the safe VERY HARD for 30 seconds to allow the tape to adhere. Tape adhesion will reach full-strength in 24 hours.

  • For added security, or to mount the safe on drywall, use the enclosed expansion bolts. Tools are required for this type of installation. Open the door and drill two holes in the middle of the safe. Make sure to space the holes as far apart as possible. Insert the expansion bolts into the wall, position the safe and then securely tighten the screws.

  • In addition to mounting in a medicine cabinet, MedGuard Safes are thin enough to be mounted behind clothes in a closet, on a shelf in the kitchen or inside a drawer in a bathroom.

MedGuard 6 Month Limited Warranty Terms

Duration of Warranty: 6 months from the date of purchase.


Replacement, Repair or Refund Procedure: MedGuard Safes will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship a replacement part within ten (10) working days after receipt of the RMA request. Actual delivery times may vary depending on Customer location. MedGuard Safes reserves the right to refund the purchase price as its exclusive warranty remedy.
To Receive a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Number: Please contact a MedGuard Safes Sales and Service Representative.


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